“Looking forward to seeing great businesses reach their potential by helping to identify and then develop their core strengths and unique attributes.”


Christian has a career spanning over 26 years of financial and commercial roles within a complimentary mix of big-brand FMCG environments, starting out as a finance graduate with UB. Christian is an experienced UK and International Board Director, fulfilling CEO, COO, Commercial Director and major Customer Development Director positions. Implemented change, including commercial and behavioural such as new working practices, customer relations and infrastructure i.e. new operations systems.

Director held positions in PepsiCo UK, Tropicana Europe, Reach Contact Ltd and Gro-Group International.

Christian’s main strengths are in strategic planning and innovative thinking – use and experience of consumer, industry, financial and digital marketing insights. Pre and post-performance management especially across the SME and start-up sector.

In his career in both corporate and private consultancy, Christian has worked across most sectors including Technology, Food & Drink, Fashion, Retail, Electronics, Health and Beauty and Hospitality to name a few.